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Internet Trolls - Ash Tarrant Miscellaneous Song
COG's of War Miscellaneous Song
Batman & the Circus Gang - ST Classical Song
Battle of Thermopylae - ST Classical Song
ST - DOOM Metal - The Hangar Video Game Song
F.c.p.r.e.m.i.x. Sasha Tarquin Heavy Metal Song
Tubular Bells DnB - ST Drum N Bass Song
Now I Fight - Sasha Tarquin General Rock Song
Run Like Hell Metal - ST Heavy Metal Song
AnotherBrickInTheWallMetal-ST Heavy Metal Song
Diclonius - Sasha Tarquin Heavy Metal Song
Stomping Shadows-Sasha Tarquin General Rock Song
Mad World - Rock General Rock Song
Time 2 Breathe - Sasha Tarquin Miscellaneous Song
Dance@Nitefall with ur Faction Dance Song
The Detective Classical Song
FFVIII - Julia: String Quartet Video Game Song
Ffviii Dont Be Afraid (orch.) Video Game Song
Altered Beast R1 Orchestrated Video Game Song
Sonic: Level 1 Greenhill Zone Video Game Song
Mad Monk Bop Dance Song
Emotions In Music Classical Song